Former Judas Priest guitarist and co-founder of the band, KK Downing, talked about his new band during a recent appearance on The Eddie Trunk Podcast.

After playing for years in Judas Priest, the iconic guitarist left the band in 2011 and mentioned that there were lots of reasons behind this decision. Last year, KK Downing founded a new band named ‘KK Priest.’

In the conversation, Downing pointed out that this is the first project he is into after leaving Judas Priest and stated that he couldn’t ignore who he is and put everything behind.

According to Downing, this is the reason why he put the ‘Priest’ name on his band. Furthermore, Downing said that he is justified more than other people who called themselves ‘Priest’ because he has been into the band for years.

Here is what KK Downing said:

“I think the reason I’m touching on this subject is – I’d like to touch on the fact that I still consider that I am the same person, and right now I want to be musically in the future, in the present, but also on the part of the past as well.

I can’t shed my skin, I’m not a cobra, I just can’t shed my skin, I can’t deny my divinity, I am who I am. I am who I am, and I have my style, the way I play, the way I write, and the way I perform.

And so therefore, to justify the name of the band – and I thought hard and long what should I call myself, but I’ve nothing to do with that.”

He continued:

“So this is where I’m at right at the moment, and I feel justified with the concept and everything surrounding it to move forward.

And I feel that I’m justified more than other people are justified that are calling themselves Priests, if that makes sense – I hope that makes some sense to the fans. I just don’t want to do everything and leave everything behind, because that’s me, it’s who I am.”

Later in the conversation, Downing also revealed that he wants to play the unreleased materials from the early days of Judas Priest and thrilled the community.