Press Release

Katre, a post-progressive rock band from Turkey released its debut album “Encounters”.

Inspired by the stages that span conception and birth, to growth and self-awareness, the album explores the idea of “being” in two chapters . “Encounters focuses on the subject of Existence. We used lots of Ebows on electric and fretless guitars to sustain the sound and created continuous soundscapes” stated Hasan Koç (guitars), who composed the tracks on the album. “As we grew up in the eastern culture and studied many examples of rock music, which is essentially rooted in the western culture, we were able to combine the musical approaches of both worlds”, so Hasan.  In that sense, it is worth to mention Erkan Oğur’s contribution to the opening track Existence I. Underwater World, which perfectly harmonises with the album’s concept.

The band was formed by close friends towards the end of 2014. The band members all live in different cities but are able to communicate and continue their work online. “My brother (Hüseyin Koç, bass guitars) and me both know Aycan (Meryumoğlu, guitars) for a quite long time. Aycan and me released a demo album in 2013 called İfadeler, which can be roughly translated as Expressions. The album was a statement to come to the terms with the past. In 2014, having left the “burden of the past” behind, I felt fresh to start a new project, which marks the birth of Katre” states Hasan. The band worked with a number of drummers but finally stabilised the line up with Okaner Ertuğrul’s addition behind the drum kit.

Released by Fluttery Records, Encounters has entered at #9 in iTunes Top 200 Releases Turkey Rock Chart. You can stream or purchase the album from Bandcamp ( and visit Katre’s page at

Katre’s line-up:

  • Hasan Koç – Guitar, Ebow, fretless guitar
  • Okaner Ertuğrul – Drums
  • Hüseyin Koç -Bass guitar
  • Aycan Meryumoğlu – Guitar