German sludge band Kavrila have teamed up with Toilet Ov Hell to stream “Lungs”, a new track from their forthcoming album Blight.

You can stream the track here:

Blight will be released on August 4th 2017 via Medusa Crush Recordings/Breathe Plastic Records and Backbite Records.

Kavrila is the hairy ass that jumps on your face while you’re drinking your morning tea. Mercy? No chance. The Hamburgers bolt out of your speakers like a steam hammer on speed, dig out your front yard with a shovel and dump black earth from a graveyard on top of your growing tulips. The recipe for havoc: a fat load of Sweden-Death à la Entombed, a heavy sludge sound in the best NOLA fashion, an occasional Black Metal storm, driving high energy Punk rock and a huge load of rehearsal room attitude. Anyone who’s into amphetamine loaded unpredictable destructive rage will love Kavrila.