Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley reflected his thoughts and feelings about Every Time I Die’s disbandment along with his sobriety in one of his An Evening With Keith Buckley events.

Every Time I Die released their ninth and final studio album ‘Radical’ on October 22, 2021, and a few months before the album’s release, Buckley announced that he was taking a hiatus from the band. The singer was struggling with mental health, and he needed some time to focus on himself.

However, last month after their tour, of which some of its dates got canceled due to COVID-19, Jordan Buckley, Andy Williams, Stephen Micciche, and Clayton Holyoak released a statement and revealed that they had parted ways with the band last month, which was considered as the end of ETID. Keith opened up about the breakup, saying that it’s so ‘heartbreaking.’

The frontman highlighted that he performed better than ever and knew that they would be new Mastodon with ‘Radical,’ but they ended up like that. He didn’t give details about whether he would continue without his former bandmates by recruiting new members, but it can be said itwill be a challenging process for Keith Buckley.

In Buckley’s words, he said:

“So once I got sober and I realized that that spark in me had just been caked with resentment and anger and confusion and a lack of faith in anything, I saw it for what it was. It was this poor little thing that was inside of me from the beginning, that made me want to be a writer, that made me want to be a musician, that made me want to go on tour, that then made me figure out how to deal with life in the public eye…

There’s been something that’s been driving me on. I think that it’s an objective fact that Every Time I Die existed for longer than most bands, so there was something in that formula that was alchemic, that was completely singular to us.

I think it was the rivalry… I think it was just those two forces constantly battling that kept pushing the band along. Once I got sober, I realized that that was a very antiquated way to power shit… I thought we don’t need to push the band forward with negativity, we can talk about things now.”

He added:

“On that final Every Time I Die tour, it was undeniable that I was performing better than I ever have. I was at the top of my f’cking game. I did not see this coming… I was led to believe that everything I was doing was working for the betterment of the band.

I wanted the band to come out of the pandemic shot out of a f’cking cannon, Because I knew that ‘Radical’ was going to do it for us, it was going to be the one that finally got us to a Mastodon level, or whatever… I’d come out of a marriage with a new approach, and new confidence in life…and I just wanted the band to have their time to shine.

It’s heartbreaking, heartbreaking. However, it is not the end of anything: I can’t even say what the state of the band is right now. I don’t know what the future holds but I know that, right now, this is exactly where I f’cking want to be, and I’m very thankful to be here.”

In addition, Buckley drew attention to his dysfunctional relationship with his younger brother and the band’s guitarist, Jordan Buckley, and stated that he realized that this when he battled his alcohol addiction. Also, he admitted that the rivalry between the brothers became the driving force, but he wanted to end this negativity and focus on harmony.