The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards opened up about his recently deceased bandmate, drummer Charlie Watts during a new interview with Rolling Stone. According to rockstar, the band was planning on making new music and touring once Watts feels himself better but he, unfortunately, passed away.

As many of you know, Charlie Watts had been the drummer of the Rolling Stones since 1963. Throughout all these 58 years, he managed to mesmerize his fans with his one-of-a-kind, jazz-influenced drumming style and became one of the three members of the Stones to have performed on every one of the band’s studio albums.

‘The Wembley Whammer,’ as called by lead singer Mick Jagger, is often regarded as one of the greatest drummers of all time. Unfortunately for his fans, the drummer was diagnosed with throat cancer in June 2004 despite quit smoking many years earlier. After a series of treatments such as radiotherapy, his cancer went into remission.

Since then, the musician has been rocking the world with the Stones, releasing albums and touring all over the globe. However, it was announced on August 5 that Watts wasn’t able to continue the remaining dates of the band’s US No Filter Tour due to a medical procedure and Steven Jordan temporarily replaced him on drums.

Less than 20 days after the announcement, Charlie Watts passed away at a London hospital on 24 August 2021, at the age of 80. Neither cause of death nor his unidentified surgery has been officially announced to this date but fans, legendary musicians, his family, and friends have been grieving this great loss regardless of its reasons.

Following the drummer’s passing, the Rolling Stones continued performing and played their first show without Watts on September 20 for a gig in Foxborough, Mass. The No Filter tour will officially launch on September 26 in St. Louis without any cancelations.

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Keith Richards reflected on his bandmate’s passing as well as the band’s future, considering the fact that there’s a tour in the near future. According to the guitarist, the upcoming tour is going to be about finding what’s right and wrong without their beloved drummer.

Prior to Charlie Watts passing, the band expecting him to heal and they were planning on touring with him as well as making new music. Much like his other bandmates, the drummer was prepared to continue with the Stones as well.

During the interview, Richards said:

“The tour will be about finding out what feels right and possible. It’s more that way. We hit a very difficult point, to take this thing out. But we’re gonna do it. Charlie was prepared for us to go ahead. We were expecting him to pick it up somewhere. Steve was, thankfully, going to be the pickup. But things ain’t turned out that way.”

Regardless of fans’ expectations, with all the respect, Charlie Watts would also want the Rolling Stones fans to see the band carrying on meeting them on stage. Although some fans criticized the remaining members’ decision to return to the stage so soon, some actually praised them for keeping the ‘show must go on’ policy.