The legendary Rolling Stones member Keith Richards’ lovely daughter and also known as one of the most beautiful models of the era, Theodora Richards, shared a bold message on her verified Instagram page and supported the George Floyd protesters.

As she shares the motto of the protests, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ Theodora also stated that even she continues to do whatever she can to help anti-racism, Theodora feels desperate at the same time.

Here is Theo’s letter on Instagram:

“I feel helpless. I will continue calling, donating, and spreading love. I stand with the black community. I recognize that I will never understand what it means to be black in this country.

I acknowledge the repeated, historical, systemic injustice, and racism that exists. I am committed to learning all I can about how I can take responsibility for change.

Here are some other places to give what you can to help with bailout funds for people protesting for change: @peoplescitycouncil @aclu_nationwide @brooklynbailfund
@innocenceproject @eji_org.”

Theodora’s follower named Marty Barry wrote this:

“I was there scary the one in Santa Monica national guards are there now bad guys were looters hits lots of store street fighting man.”

Another user, David Courts shares his admiration to Theo:

“So proud of you and Alex and my Lou and every single other young person who will stand for change over the sickening murder abuse and injustice that has been perpetuated for hundreds of years and lately has been given respectability by powerful psychopaths.”

You can see the photo below.