Rolling Stones’ co-founder and guitarist Keith Richards‘ daughter, Theodora Richards, recently posted a photo on her Instagram account and chimed in on a long-time discussion but she seems to have missed a detail.

Theodora Richards is a model and the host of a monthly show ‘Off The Cuff‘ at Sirius/XM. Recently, she was watching a ’60s film with her mother and after a conversation with her, she posted a photo on her Instagram, making a bold claim about a longstanding misunderstanding.

In her recent post, Theodora Richards said that she was watching the ’64 classic ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown‘ with Debbie Reynolds and realized that the man who played Debbie Reynolds’ love interest was very familiar to her.

She had a chat with her mother about this, who told Theodora that Reynolds’ love interest is Howard Keel, who also plays Wade Gustafson in the movie ‘Fargo.’ Even though in her post, Theodora said that she ‘looked it up,’ it seems like she didn’t look closely.

To begin with, as Theodora mentioned in her Instagram caption, the guy who plays Debbie Reynolds’ love interest is an actor named Harve Presnell. The man who plays Wade Gustafson in the film ‘Fargo’ is Harve Presnell too. So up to this point, Theodora is correct.

However, in her caption, Theodora says that after she saw Harve Presnell’s name as the actor who plays Debbie Reynolds’ love interest, her mother told her it was Howard Keel but she didn’t believe and looked it up to find out it’s Wade Gustafson from Fargo.

That is the point where Theodora may have made a mistake. Howard Keel is neither in Fargo nor in ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown.’ Maybe Theodora was trying to say that her mother was mistaken when saying the actor in ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown’ was Howard Keel but the way she worded it, it seemed like she confused them too.

This is actually very common as there are dozens of articles about people confusing Harve Presnell and Howard Keel. Howard Keel became popular in the ’50s while Harve Presnell reached success in the ’60s.

The reason why people have always confused their names, or often thought that they are the same person, is that not only do they look alike but also they have the same deep baritone singing voice.

It looks like Theodora was just about to solve the mystery but she fell into the trap of confusing their names. Or maybe she did resolve the misunderstanding but her excitement prevented her from wording her revelation properly.

Here’s what Theodora Richards said:

“Mindblown!! I was watching ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown’ with Debbie Reynolds, and her love interest is an actor named Harve Presnell. Mom told me it was Howard Keel and I was like no way that’s not Howard, looked it up and it’s Wade Gustafson from Fargo!”

You can check out the photo that Theodora Richards posted on her Instagram account below.