The co-founder and guitarist of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards has shared a throwback photo from the ‘No Filter Tour’ and some of the fans argued under the post over the price of the show tickets.

Keith Richards has been continuing to share some short videos and cool pictures taken during the tours such as Rolling Stones/Zip Code Tour and No Filter Tour. As a way to cope with the hard times in self-quarantine and to show his longing over the live shows, Richards has been reviving his feed with the amazing posts.

Recently, he has added one more to the photos that display how amazing he was on the stage. Keith posted a picture of himself taken on August 1, 2019, in Met Life Stadium. Most of his fans replied and said that they miss the shows, as well.

Yet, a fan, whose name is Charles, was interested in something different than the quality of the shows. He complained about the prices of the tickets and said that $300 dollars for a ticket are way too much.

Another fan, whose name is Giancarlo, reacted against him and said that he got tickets for the concert in San Diego by spending $150 dollars and the seats were pretty solid for that price.

Here is what the fan, whose name is Charles, said:

$300 dollars a ticket. Too much.”

Another fan, whose name is Giancarlo, replied and said:

“I got good tickets for SDCCU in San Diego for $150 a piece. The show was delayed obviously, but they were pretty solid seats.”

You can see the post of Keith Richards which caused an argument below.