In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the co-founder and guitarist of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, talked about how he spent his quarantine days and revealed his feelings concerning the band’s cancelation of the gigs earlier this year.

As you might recall, The Rolling Stones was on the ‘No Filter Tour‘ before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The tour began in 2017 with their show in Hamburg, Germany, and was due to conclude in 2020. However, on 17 March 2020, The Rolling Stones sadly announced that they had to postpone the North American dates for May and July 2020.

Later on April 23, 2020, The Rolling Stones gave the exciting news of the release of their new song named ‘Living in a Ghost Town‘ which was recorded in London and Los Angeles back in 2019.

Recently, Keith Richards joined an interview for Rolling Stone magazine and talked about how he had been spending his lockdown days for the last few months. Richards also shared his feelings about the band’s cancellation of their gigs earlier this year and mentioned why it was a disappointment for him.

Here’s how Keith Richards had been spending his self-quarantine days:

“I’m feeling very lucky that I have some space so I can get out. And apart from that, man, I managed to finish ‘Ghost Town.’ I’m trying to figure out what to do with these tracks we cut before the pandemic, and if we can do anything else with them in another way, you know?”

Furthermore, Richards answered the question wondering whether he had been missing being on stage and he revealed the disappointment he had back in March when they realized the global spread of coronavirus was something really serious and added:

“Well, yeah. Cause I was supposed to be on the road. So I always have this feeling of, like, sudden redundancy, which I have no doubt millions of other people have had, as well. But apart from that, I suppose, in everybody’s mind, we presume that things will look up next year. Otherwise, nobody’s going to play to be able to play for anybody, are they?

I really enjoyed that last tour, it was a great trek. I was very disappointed in March when we said, ‘Uh oh, this thing’s looking bad.’ And a week later, then they started to say, ‘Oh, we’ll cancel the first few gigs.’ I said ‘I have a feeling, nah, this thing’s too big for us.‘ It’s too big for anybody, you know?”

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