The Rolling Stones‘ co-founder and guitarist Keith Richards opened up about the future of live music as the coronavirus pandemic changed our habit when it comes to listening to music, and apparently, Richards cannot see a silver lining.

Just like it changed every aspect of our daily life, the coronavirus pandemic changed how we listen and enjoy music as well. Due to the restrictions and precautions against COVID-19, it is impossible to go to a concert and enjoy a live performance.

Nowadays, the live audience turned into an online audience as all of the performances shifted into a live streaming show online. The online shows stand against almost everything that a live performance offers since music is about bringing people together, both physically and spiritually.

However, in order to continue performing for their fans and stay relatable, most musicians and bands chose to create a show through online streaming whether they like it or not. Most of them state that it is necessary to support musicians and staff that are related to live music all around the world since live music is facing the worst year ever.

During a recent interview with Classic Rock, Keith Richards was asked about the future of live music as it seeks an alternative in order to stay alive, Richards revealed that he does not see a plan B coming to save live music.

In addition to this, Richards also revealed that the current execution of live music is all about keeping us apart since we all should stay at our homes due to COVID-19, however, Richards stressed the meaning of music which is to be together.

Here is what Richards stated about the future of performing live:

“At the moment, I can’t see any plan B coming. I think it’s all based on ‘Let’s get this thing over and done with as soon as possible. Let’s smarten up and…’

It’s a rough one, man, because this thing is designed to keep us apart, and everything we want to do is be together.”

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