During a recent interview, Rolling Stones‘ co-founder and guitarist Keith Richards, surprised his fans and followers by sharing his views on technological advances and devices, while he was talking about his private life.

Did you know that when Keith Richards does interviews he uses his landline instead of a mobile phone? You may believe that the reason why he does not prefer video calls is that he lives in remote places and the signal is not good.

Well, the actual reason is that he does not have a mobile phone or an iPod, and is one of the few people who did not feel the need to download Zoom during the pandemic. Even though he is without a doubt, one of the most popular rock icons of all time, it seems like he does not like technological devices which enable people to contact him anytime they want.

As you may know, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts had a very successful tour in August 2019. They were planning on continuing touring in May 2020 but their plans were canceled due to the pandemic.

Keith Richards has been staying at home for a year now and during the interview, he revealed that he has derived a lot of joy from watching the garden change through the seasons. He added that he enjoyed doing some gardening himself and spending some time leading a more ‘normal’ life.

Here is what Keith Richards said in the interview:

“I saw the garden grow, really quite unbelievable. Usually, I come, it’s spring and suddenly it’s fall when I get back. I spent the whole summer actually admiring the garden and also doing a bit of gardening myself; watering the veggies and the stuff. I got into a more probably normal way of life, which is un-normal.”

In this serenity, Keith Richards says that it would be crazy to want a cell-phone. It seems that in Richards’s mind, technological devices are stressful rather than helpful and he seems to consider having a landline sufficient.

Here is what Richards said:

“I’m not at all hooked in any high-tech internets. I don’t even have a (cell) phone, man. I’m talking to you on a landline. Why would I want a (cell) phone? You crazy?”

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