Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter and model, Kelly Osbourne, talked about her sobriety during a recent appearance on Knockin’ Doorz Down.

As you might already know, Kelly Osbourne had been sober for over four years like her father Ozzy, who is also been sober for over seven years. However, she admitted that she relapsed on alcohol earlier this month.

In the conversation, Kelly mentioned the struggle she had during the self-quarantine days and said that it took only one wrong word from one person to let the addiction get into her head.

Furthermore, Kelly revealed the worst part of relapsing her sobriety and stated that losing her four years destroyed her mentally. Moreover, Kelly also showed the people how hard it to be in control.

Here is what Kelly Osbourne said:

“I was running on my own self-will for too long, because I got happy. And I am that classic addict that is, like, ‘Oh, I’m happy. Everything’s great now. I can do whatever the fuck I want.’

And it took one person saying one thing to me that let the addict in my head be, like, ‘Fuck.’ ‘Cause I was dealing with a lot of stress. Everyone has this year.

If you’re in a program, the pandemic has really screwed a lot of people, became we need our fellowship, we need our meetings, we need the program and the way that it was. And then, all of a sudden, that gets ripped away from you. And you’re, like, ‘How do I start again?’

And then you become a classic victim, and you start looking for excuses, and look for the excuse. And then I finally found the excuse that I need and I took it.”

She continued:

“The thing that destroys me is that I lost my time. Because my ego was, like, ‘I’ve got this many years,’ and, ‘I’ve been sober for this much time.’ And then I realized that’s not what this is about — that’s not what this is about at all.

The reason why it happened — it did not last long. It was a quick bender. And the reason I had to be honest about it is because this journey is not easy. This disease, you relapse sometimes.”

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