The daughter of the legendary singer Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne has disclosed a message of a hater who said Ozzy’s death would be great.

After Ozzy Osbourne’s illnesses, which include pneumonia and Parkinson’s Disease, were revealed into the public, countless fans of him have begun to worry about the musician and wanted to see him okay.

Lately, he has appeared before the cameras for the Osbournes’ new reality show ‘The Osbournes Want to Believe‘ and set the fans’ mind at rest a little bit. However, as Kelly Osbourne has exposed a short time ago, there are some people who disrespectfully comment about Ozzy Osbourne’s health status.

Kelly shared the message a hater sent to her on Instagram. To the message, in which the Instagram user said that we would be get ridden of an asshole if Ozzy passed away, Kelly Osbourne reacted by saying that she gave enough attention to the hater by exposing the message.

Here is what the hater named Surlie said on the message:

“Heard your father is dying. That’s great. Now we can get ridden of another asshole.”

Kelly Osbourne reacted by saying:

Surlie, seems like you need some attention??? So here you go you disgusting mother fucker! I won’t be praying for you! You pussy ass bitch!”

You can see Kelly’s post below.