The legendary vocalist Ozzy Osbourne‘s daughter Kelly shared some photos On Instagram taken during a recent road trip and explained why she had to be even more careful about Covid-19.

As you might recall, Black Sabbath star Ozzy Osbourne has been through some serious health problems, including pneumonia, over the course of last year. Initially, Ozzy publicly revealed in January 2020 that he was diagnosed with a form of Parkinson’s Disease in February 2019.

Additionally, Osbourne revealed that he had a traumatic fall at his Los Angeles house in late 2018, which resulted in the dislodging of the metal rods that had been put in his body following an accident in 2003.

During the lockdown days, Ozzy, his wife Sharon, and their daughter Kelly Osbourne lived together in the same house. Kelly previously stated that she preferred to stay at her parents’ house to help them out during her father’s recovery process.

Recently on Instagram, the actress and fashion designer Kelly Osbourne shared some photos from her road trip she had with her close friends. On the caption of her post, Kelly mentioned that all of them took the Covid-19 tests before taking the trip. Apparently, Kelly had to be even more careful these days and can’t take any risks concerning Ozzy’s health problems.

Here’s what Kelly Osbourne stated on the caption of her post:

This weekend I went on a road trip a very small group of friends to Las Vegas. (don’t worry we were all tested prior) With my dad being sick I can’t afford to take risks.

Going on a trip like this now takes so much planning and consideration. We have to think about things We never had to think about before. That’s why Outdoorsy is so perfect!!! To be able to travel and feel safe was such a gift. This weekend not only put the wind back in my sails but now all I want to do is take road trips so I can explore more of this beautiful country!

You can see the photos Kelly Osbourne shared on her Instagram account below.