The British model and the daughter of legendary Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne has her fans rolling in the aisles with the hilarious argument she had with her brother Jack Osbourne on Instagram.

Kelly Osbourne has shared a picture of her carrying her dog Polly on a backpack while going to work. She has admitted that she always finds a way to bring Polly to work despite the disapproval of her brother Jack Osbourne.

Along with lots of fans who said how lovely they look, Jack Osbourne has commented on the post to point out something different. He said that Polly’s breath smells. Kelly gave an amazing answer that nobody could think of.

She said to her brother that his breath smells, as well, and both Polly and Jack should stop eating booty so that their breath won’t smell anymore. Her fans reacted by saying they love how Kelly and Jack get along with and make fun of each other.

Here is what Kelly said on her latest Instagram post:

I always find a way to bring Polly to work… much to Jack Osbourne’s disapproval lol lol lol. 😂😝”

Jack Osbourne commented as:

Her breath smells.

Kelly reacted by saying:

“So does yours!!!!! I’m going to tell you the same thing I tell her. Stop eating booty and your breath won’t smell.”

You can see Kelly’s post below.