Slayer guitarist Kerry King made a critical explanation about the Hall of Fame organization. He spoke in an interview with Loudwire and said:

“It’s kind of like Ken Stabler not going into the NFL Hall of Fame. They waited ’till he died, when he can’t enjoy it. And that’s a super bummer.

Dio is one of my Top 2 singers of all time and he was a good friend and a good dude. Lemmy – the career speaks for itself.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is weird; it’s privately owned, so people from the music industry don’t vote – I don’t actually know how it works. I’ve been there and it’s very cool; I expected to stay an hour and stayed there for like 3 hours – it was very cool. But yes, they motherfucking should be in the Hall of Fame.”

I agree with Kerry’s thoughts. Dio and Lemmy should be in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

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