Slayer’s official Instagram account yesterday posted a statement by vocalist Tom Araya. With this explanation he had said a few things about Donald Trump. You can read that post, clicking here.

Today, Slayer guitarist Kerry King came up against Tom’s explanation. Here is the Kerry what he said:

“Ahhh, the election… this one has definitely been the most divisive and polarizing event I have ever experienced. My thoughts on the last few days are simple. To me, social media has more benefits than detriments. There is a gigantic upside to band social media, but band social media is just that. Not for everyone’s personal tastes.

And by that, I mean that I’d rather talk face-to-face with you so that there is no misunderstanding about what either of us are saying. That’s why I don’t post on personal OR band social media. With social media, there’s too much room for misinterpretation, and we all just had a giant taste of that.

Joke or not, my opinion is that our war of words should be with people who don’t believe what Slayer is about. NOT with our own fan base.

Make no mistake; this is NOT a Kerry vs. Tom thing. Tom is my bro-PERIOD. Difference of opinion about the photo? Absolutely. End of the world? Not hardly. I LOVE the relationship that Slayer has with our fan base. Best in the world by far! Let’s just concentrate on Slaying our COLLECTIVE enemies.”