Former Slayer co-lead guitarist Kerry King spoke to Louder Sound and revealed that he will announce his upcoming project soon, after stating that Slayer shouldn’t have disbanded.

As you may know, Slayer was founded by Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman, Dave Lombardo, and Tom Araya in 1981. The band became very famous and commercially successful and is now considered a member of the Big Four alongside Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax.

After almost thirty years together, Slayer announced that they wouldn’t continue playing or release records after their farewell tour. Their fans were devastated but it looked like the band members had made up their minds. However, recently, Kerry King expressed his regrets about their early retirement and said that he misses performing with Slayer.

Moreover, King talked about his plans for a future project and shared some exclusive details about it during his recent interview. He emphasized that he won’t form a new band and release new materials, but he will start his new tour. Nonetheless, Kerry didn’t give any further information about the upcoming concerts.

King stated in his interview that:

“I’m dragging my feet on letting the world know what I’m doing because there’s no rush. I have a tour that I’m considering doing, but I’m not going to announce a band, I’m not going to announce a record, I’m not going to announce anything, but you will see me in the future – it will be f’cking good.”

Apparently, Kerry King decided to continue his musical career as a solo artist, and longtime Slayer fans felt very happy and excited about the guitarist’s new project. However, some of them are still waiting for a Slayer reunion.

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