On Instagram, Slayer guitarist and mastermind Kerry King’s wife Ayesha has responded to a question she got from a fan in the comment area of the app. By responding to a question, she shut down the rumors that Kerry will continue his musical career as ‘Slayer’ without iconic singer/bassist of the band, Tom Araya.

In January 2018, Slayer announced that they decided to end their musical career and shared the full details for a farewell tour. The tour was containing 143 shows, and it began on May 10, 2018, and ended on November 30, 2019.

Yesterday, we reported the recent photo Ayesha posted on Instagram in which you can see the close-up look of Kerry and his iconic head tattoo. In the comment section of that post, Ayesha responded to a comment which states:

 “No Tom, No Slayer Kerry. Stop thinking Slayer without Tom Araya”.

Kerry King wife Ayesha responded:

“Don’t worry, they’ll never be Slayer again! You can rest easy.”

A fan named Laura commented:

“Is this breed really hard to care for?”

Ayesha replied:

“No! Just a little bath every week, ear cleaning (they have no fur to trap natural oils, etc ) a little extra love and maybe a good kitty sweater in the winter:) if you need help/advice let me know”

Another fan blamed Ayesha for being a poser, and she replied:

“I will try not to be a poser, sorry if I let you down”

You can reach the original Instagram post here. See the screenshot of Ayesha’s first comment below.