A couple of days ago, 10 year old boy Collier Cash Rule played Metallica’s Enter Sandman with Foo Fighters in Kansas City.

In a recent interview with WTVR, the kid explained the how he play together with Foo Fighters. Here’s the statement:

“Towards the last song, she’s [his mom] like, you guys can go down there [closer to the stage], and we wanted to stay down there so bad. And I’m like, ‘Mom, can we stay down here? We’re not in anyone’s way, we’re being polite.’

And he’s like, ‘What?’ I said, ‘I can play the guitar!’ and Dave’s like, ‘Oh, you can play the guitar! Sure. Get this kid up here.’ And then the crew comes and picks me up and I go up the stairs and I’m on the stage.

I didn’t want to play any Foo Fighters songs because people had already heard so many Foo Fighters songs, and they had already played the Foo Fighters songs I knew. That’s why I chose to play ‘Enter Sandman.’ And I love Metallica.”

Here’s the crucial point:

“Metallica knows who I am, the Foo Fighters know who I am. Dave Grohl gave me a guitar, I’ve played at the Sprint Center, I think my bucket list is done.

Click here to entire interview. You can watch the performance from below.

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