Megadeth lead guitarist Kiko Loureiro has own Youtube Channel and he shares videos about guitar, guitar playing and some kind of stuff like that.

In a recent video, Kiko explained how he changed the main riff of Megadeth’s Tornado of Souls. He said:

“Do you think I’ll be playing wrong a Megadeth song in front of Dave mustaine for over three years or over 300 concerts. I don’t think so but some guys were commenting that I was playing wrong the riff of Tornado of Souls.

While ago I did a video playing entire song and there I was reading the comments and some guys saying I played wrong and should be all downstrokes or something like that. So I decided to do a video explaining why I don’t play downstrokes all the time.

You can watch the Kiko’s explanation video from below.

Watch Kiko’s Tornado of Souls riff video: