Megadeth’s official Youtube channel has shared the new video of guitarist Kiko Loureiro explaining how he learned Megadeth songs when he joined the band.

Here’s the story:

“The first show I played, in Canada, we were not on tour — it was just a one-off. So I had to learn all the songs — 18 songs or something like this — for one show. And then it was not a small show — it was a huge festival for 70,000 people, in Quebec, summer festival, open air.

And one day of the festival — it was like a summer week — it was The Rolling Stones, the other day it was Foo Fighters headlining, and then the other day Megadeth, with me, for the first show. And it was really challenging to be prepared and ready for that.

So I went for three days of rehearsal. But during the rehearsals, you’re not only playing. Because I learned the songs by myself, and then I was showing the way I was playing the songs for Dave [Mustaine, Megadeth frontman], so on those three days, Dave was showing me some different, new stuff that I had to play three days after.

And also checking out the equipment — everything was new. And then suddenly, no soundcheck, because it was a festival, straight to the stage, 70,000 people, Canadian TV and all that.

And it was raining, so it was kind of slippery on stage, and I had to play, for the first time, all those songs. It was really difficult. So this I will never forget. It was really challenging to be ready for this gig.”

Watch the video below. Click here to source of the statement.