Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach spoke in an interview with Revolver Magazine and revealed how they’ve earned the respect of one of the legendary bands in the world, Iron Maiden.

In the conversation, Jesse mentioned how proud he is of Killswitch Engage due to the equal treatment they do to the crew members of the band. He stated that there is no hierarchy in the band and they are just like family with the crew.

Furthermore, Jesse praised the crew members by saying that they are really working hard every time, and they do not fail whatever they do. Moreover, he said that Iron Maiden was really impressed after seeing their crew and loved them really much. In this way, they earned the respect of the whole Iron Maiden members

Interviewer asked:

“Band crews, as well as the musicians and artists, are really suffering right now. Do you want to tell us a little bit about your roadies?”

Here is what Jesse Leach said:

“Yeah, we’ve had Josh for 14 years – our production manager, he’s like family. It’s crazy, man, I’m really proud of this with Killswitch; we don’t separate our crew, we don’t have a separate bus for them, we don’t treat them separately.

If we get a hotel room, they get a hotel room. There’s none of that hierarchy with Killswitch. Those guys are probably some of the hardest-working people because we’re in an independent band, we do everything DIY, so those guys oftentimes have more than one job.

And our crew really does a hell of a lot of work for a small crew, and they do it efficiently. We’re always on time, we’ll tour with bigger bands that will have triple the crew.”

He added:

“Iron Maiden, case in point, Iron Maiden was impressed with our crew, and they loved our crew. Literally, when we cross paths with some of those guys out on the road, and they see the Killswitch crew, they salute, there’s respect, the Killswitch crew are top-notch humans.

They work hard, they party hard, and they never screw up their job for the most part.

When this whole thing went down, that’s one of the first things: we got together, we had a pow-wow and finally sorted it out, and we made sure that if we’re gonna make money and if we’re gonna survive through our business, then those guys are gonna survive…”

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