In a recent interview published by Metal Hammer, Mercyful Fate’s King Diamond indicated that he disagreed with the people who think Ghost is replicating Mercyful Fate.

It is often talked about that Ghost has copied Mercyful Fate since its career’s beginning because of the similarities in stage shows, singing styles, and make-up. Both bands have been likened to each other with the dark atmospheres in their live performances, costumes, and black-white face paints.

Forge talked about Iron Maiden and Metallica as their inspirations in the past interviews instead of Mercyful Fate. For instance, Forge indicated that the concept of ‘Impera’ was not like Mercyful Fate; it was like Iron Maiden’s concept albums. He also likened their ‘Seven Inches of Satanic Panic’ to Metallica instead of Mercyful Fate by mentioning it was heavier.

During a recent interview, King Diamond mentioned that he disagreed with the people who think Ghost copies Mercyful Fate. According to King Diamond, Ghost’s inspiration by Mercyful fate was an honor for them. He also stated Ghost has a different style with their songs and performances.

Regarding the comparisons between Ghost and Mercyful Fate, King Diamond said:

“Some people have compared the two bands, but I never thought that. I very much saw them as a Blue Oyster Cult-style band. I’m sure they have a little influence from us, and that’s a huge honor to hear, but they have their own style. I never felt that they were copying us. We have all these guitar solos, and they barely use any guitar solos on those first couple of albums.”

Though many fans like to see two similar bands acknowledging the resemblances between each other, which often brings out a feud, these two groups didn’t act like many. King Diamond clarified the comparisons between Mercyful Fate and Ghost by explaining that their styles are very different in their stage performances and music.