During a recent conversation with Julia Bueno from“Lokaos Rock Show”, Winger leader Kip Winger has shared what he learned from rock legend Alice Cooper.

Kip remembered the time when he was playing with Alice Cooper, and said:

“Alice is the consummate rock star. He’s our Mick Jagger. Learning from Alice Cooper was unbelievable. I was a waiter waiting tables in New York, and then I got the job and then playing arenas, so it was, like, all the way to the top like that [snaps fingers].

He’s very good with interviews and he’s really fun to watch when he’s off stage — very, very funny, but [a] very serious artist and [an] extraordinarily talented performer and songwriter.

I owe him a lot. He’s very supportive of my career, and I’m very happy to still be able to call him up.”

He also talked about hair metal era, and said:

“When I was in Alice Cooper and I left to do my band, Def Leppard and Bon Jovi were the big bands. I wanted to do something a little bit more progressive, like Yes meets KISS.

We did something not like that, but there’s a lot more technical stuff going on in the riffs. I think as time goes on, people that actually listen know the difference. It’s fine now, and it got us in. We did very well in the beginning.

I do feel like there was some misconceptions about who the band was, and still there are, but I think especially for the fans, they really understand what the difference is.”

Watch the entire interview below. Click here for the source.