Metallica guitarist, Kirk Hammett, was recently interviewed by Gibson TV’S ‘Icons’ to talk about his 37 years of career as the lead guitarist of Metallica, as well as how was working with Bob Rock was like.

As you might know, Bob Rock is a Canadian record producer who is best known for many legends like Aerosmith, Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi, and of course, Metallica. In his latest interview, Kirk Hammett praised Bob Rock while sharing his long-time admiration for Bob himself.

Bob Rock was the main producer of Metallica’s fourth album named ‘The Black Album’ (also known as a self-titled album: ‘Metallica’) which was released back in 1991. According to Kirk, Bob Rock has managed to make him listen to some of the best-ever guitar sounds he has ever heard.

Here is what Kirk said about Bob Rock and working with him for the first time ever:

“For me, I think Bob is an amazing producer, and he’s also an amazing engineer, and he has an amazing ear for guitar sounds, for drum sounds… Some of the best guitar sounds that I have ever gotten ever in my life, I’ve gotten with Bob Rock.

And a lot of it is just like chasing tones, blending amps, using certain amps, certain pickups, certain guitars with certain amps, various combinations, blending amps, blending guitars…

What I like about Bob Rock is that he is into the pursuit – if he hears something, a sound, or performance, he will pursue that or make you pursue it until he believes you’ve reached that point.”

He continued:

“And a lot of times it’s a lot of frustration, and there’s a lot of footage that shows him being just so frustrated going, ‘It’s not there yet. It’s not there yet. Do it! Push, push, do it!’ And he would do anything, say anything to just push us to that next level…

Being recognized and getting so much attention from so many other guitar players all over the world – yeah, I feel the pressure of that, and I feel the expectations of that, but I’m not gonna let it affect the outcome of my own musicality.

I started playing guitar because I have a curiosity, real curiosity for music, and how music works. And I also have emotions and feelings in me that, even to this day, I need to get out. What’s important is to make music that reflects your inner self, and is honestly not anything that’s been done before.”

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