Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett gave the news of a brand new wah pedal to be put on the market soon via a post on his official Instagram account. He shared a photograph of a purple sparkle Cry Baby with Dunlop and expressed his excitement over the new release.

The first name that comes to fans’ minds when the wah-wah pedal is mentioned must be Kirk Hammett. The guitarist loves to use this pedal, which changes the frequencies and tone of the guitar signal to mimic the human voice. Hammett’s fans know the relation between the musician and the pedal as he even makes fun of this matter on his social media posts.

In two of his recent Instagram posts, Kirk Hammett indicated that a new wah pedal is on the way. Although Hammett already has a signature wah pedal, a Cry Baby model, the new one will be aesthetically different from his initial release. As the guitarist shared close-up pictures of the wah pedal, it will be a dazzling purple pedal that matches his purple sparkle Ouija guitar.

This new Cry Baby model will be out on April 1, 2022, and Hammett stated that the purple wah-wah pedal would be a limited edition. After expressing his excitement over this new product, Hammett stressed that more details about the merch would soon be revealed.

The caption of his post follows:

“Here it is! Some of you guessed it immediately, but I am so proud to be working with Jim Dunlop on this pedal.

I always feel great energy when I play my purple sparkle Ouija guitar. I thought it would make a killer sonically spiritual connection to have a pedal with that same outwards vibe.

We’ve got a limited number of Signed pedals hitting on April 1, 2022.

More Details to come!”

You can see Hammett’s Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Kirk Hammett – Instagram