Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett made a new statement about the new US president Donald Trump. Previously, he suggested that Donald Trump did not believe in human equality. Now he made a more friendly statement.

Speaking in an interview with Canada’s CBC Music, Kirk Hammett said:

“People are really going to an absolute negative with this, and I think that’s a big mistake. And I laugh at people who say, ‘I’m gonna leave the United States ’cause Trump’s president.’ What good does that do?

“For me, one of the most important things in politics is honesty and integrity, and we have very little of that in the United States nowadays. With the current situation, a lot of things are being shaken up. I think that we probably have to go through a little bit of hell to get to heaven in this sort of situation right now.

As long as human beings are still standing, I think there’s still hope.

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