Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett gave an interview to Kerrang and remembered Axl Rose’s unpredictable attitude that created some disturbance within the band during the GNR/Metallica Tour.

In 1992, Metallica embarked on the Guns N’ Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour. The tour took place when GN’R was on their ‘Use Your Illusion Tour’ to promote their ‘Use Your Illusion I & II’ albums. At that time, Metallica was also promoting their fifth album ‘Metallica.’

During a show on August 8, 1992, Metallica frontman James Hetfield suffered second-degree burns due to the new pyrotechnics setup malfunction. As a result, they canceled the second hour of the show.

After a long delay, the audience started getting bored and then lost their patience. Following that, GN’R took the stage, but the stage monitors weren’t tuned, and they couldn’t hear themselves. In addition, the frontman Axl Rose said his throat hurt, so the band left the stage early. This led to a riot, and near a dozen of the fans were arrested by the police that day.

Recalling that unfortunate tour in an interview with Kerrang, Kirk Hammett also remembered the unpredictable behavior of Axl Rose during the tour. He said that the tour was quite stressful due to the problematic incidents. The guitarist then stated what Axl Rose would do next was unpredictable all the time. Moreover, he added that this made everyone pretty disturbed.

Speaking about the disastrous tour, Kirk Hammett told Kerrang that:

That tour was very stressful because there were so many problems. At that point in time you never really knew if Axl felt like he was going to play the show or not, or if he was going to be on time or not, or if there was going to be an issue with the actual show or not. And that kind of drove everyone crazy.

Then James had his accident, and we had to cancel all those shows. And we spent more time trucking steel around the United States in that little period and paying money for six or seven trucks to just drive from gig to gig that we lost tons of cash on that tour.”

Although the tour was filled with unfortunate incidents, it earned both bands a Metal Edge Readers’ Choice Award in 1992. Besides, it was a great financial success for Metallica. However, Guns N’ Roses lost around 80% of their earnings at the end of the tour.