Considered as one of the most legendary guitarists off all time, Kirk Hammett of Metallica was the recent interview guest of The Jasta Show and broke his silence about the new Metallica album.

As you will read his statements, Metallica icon said that he had lots of new materials for the new album.

Here is what Kirk said to The Jasta Show:

“I have a lot of stuff written that I’ve put aside for the band — a lot of stuff. Because last album, I didn’t have any stuff, ’cause I lost most of my ideas when I lost my phone — over 500 musical ideas…

It took me a long time to recover from that. And I got it into my head I had to produce twice as much — basically, I overcompensated.

So, as it stands, as we speak, I have a lot of material — really kick-ass, great material — that I just can’t wait to show the other guys and turn into some music, record, get the album out and have more kick-ass metal.”

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You can watch the whole interview below.