Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett posted a photo of himself with the band’s late bassist Cliff Burton on Instagram in honor of the anniversary of his death and remembered his dear friend with a sentimental message.

As you might remember, former Metallica bassist Cliff Burton sadly passed away on September 27, 1986, at the age of 24. Up until his death, Cliff performed on the band’s first three studio albums: ‘Kill ‘Em All,’ ‘Ride the Lightning,’ and ‘Master of Puppets.’

Following a short but successful career, Burton died in a tragic bus crash in Sweeden during a Metallica tour in support of the ‘Master of Puppets‘ album. While he was sleeping, the bus skidded off the road and flipped onto the grass. The young bassist was thrown out the window of the bus, which later fell on top of him, causing his death. A few hours before the crash, Cliff took Kirk Hammett’s place on the tour bus after defeating him in a card game, which might have saved Hammett’s life.

Recently on Instagram, Kirk Hammett posted a photo with his dear bandmate Cliff Burton in honor of the anniversary of his death. On the caption of his post, Hammett wrote an emotional message to remember what a significant person Cliff was to him since he pushed Kirk to become a better person and musician. Kirk also paid tribute to Burton by sharing one of his favorite quotes which emphasized the importance of ‘truth.’

Here’s what Kirk Hammett stated in his emotional message to Cliff Burton:

Cliff was one of my closest friends. He was really smart and funny too.

We shared a love for horror, HP Lovecraft, and The Velvet Underground

He constantly pushed me to be a better person and musician

One of his favorite quotes he would say to me often was, ‘There is power in Truth, never back down.’

It was so unexpected when he left us. The sadness remains. I will always remember him.

I am not sure who took this photo – but it’s a great one.”

You can see the photo Kirk Hammett posted on his Instagram account below.