Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett shared a photoshopped picture of himself on top of a planet on his official Instagram page and joined a viral challenge named ‘Elf On The Shelf Challenge,’ as well as making a hilarious joke about his famous wah pedal.

As you may know, social media has a habit of turning everything into a fun challenge. Since Christmas is on the corner, there has been a brand new challenge named ‘Elf On The Shelf Challenge’ which makes celebrities share pictures of themselves along with a tiny photoshopped photograph of a celebrity perched on their shoulders as the metaphorical elf.

If there is one thing that comes along with Kirk Hammet, it’s the wah pedal. For those who may not know, a wah pedal is a type of electric guitar effects pedal that alters the tone and frequencies in order to create a unique sound that has a resemblance to the human voice.

In his way of joining the ‘Elf On The Shelf Challenge,’ Kirk Hammett shared a hysterical photoshopped picture of himself on top of a planet similar to Saturn on his official Instagram page. In the caption of his post, Hammett stated that he’s celebrating the holiday with a ‘Hammett on a planet’ way.

In addition to this, Hammett also made a humorous ending to his caption by stating that ‘wah not included‘ in the planet and fans were in love with his statement since there is nothing but jokes about his iconic wah pedal usage.

Here is what Kirk Hammett stated in the caption of his latest post:

“In the spirit of the season, why not go bigger than the old Elf on the Shelf… Why not celebrate in style with Hammett On A Planet! (Wah not included)”

You can see the Instagram post below.