Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett revealed his thoughts on Venom in an interview with Toucher & Rich. He said:

“Love ’em. Maybe they were super corny… I don’t know. Speaking very realistically and soberly, you know – why would I do something like that?

With Venom, they’re just like a bad horror movie. You suspend your disbelief, you lower your quality a little bit. And once you do that, you’re in for a really great time. And that’s how I see Venom.”

Kirk seems to be speaking a bit aggressive. As a matter of fact, Venom is one of the most inspired bands by Metallica.

By the way, in 2006, frontman Cronos has some harshly talks about Metallica, saying that “they’re crap. I think they need to take the word ‘metal’ out of the name.”

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