In a conversation on Gibson TV’s ‘Icons’ program, the lead guitarist of Metallica, Kirk Hammett, talked about his childhood and disclosed unknown information about how much his family struggled financially while telling the story of how he got his first wah pedal.

Even though Kirk Hammett is now one of the most well-earning and successful metal stars of all time, life was not always that comfortable for him. In his recent interview on Gibson TV, he opened up about his family’s financial struggles and the first time he got to use a wah pedal.

As it turns out, Kirk Hammett had to trade a KISS album to buy his first guitar which cost like $10 and was ‘this really cheap catalog guitar.’ Because his family didn’t any money and he didn’t have enough to even buy a guitar case, he would carry his instrument in a garbage bag when he wanted to take it somewhere.

One day, he received a small inheritance of $150 and the first thing he did with that money was to buy himself a wah pedal. He still recalls the excitement and astonishment he felt when he realized that he was able to make sounds like Jimi Hendrix and Brian Robertson. He was so excited to be able to make the sounds he admired so much on rock albums.

Here’s what Kirk Hammett said in the interview:

“I remember trading a KISS album – I had a KISS album – and all the money I had in my life, which is 10 bucks, and trading it for this really cheap catalog guitar. Growing up, my family didn’t have any money. I didn’t have enough money to even buy a guitar case, I used to have to put the guitar into a garbage bag if I wanted to go anywhere.

And the very first time I got a wah pedal was because a relative of mine passed away, and I got a small inheritance of like maybe $150 or something. And I took that money and bought a wah pedal.

And it was amazing because all of a sudden I felt like I was able to make sounds that Jimi Hendrix was making, but also sounds that Brian Robertson – the guy from Thin Lizzy – was making, that Pat Travers was making… The sounds that I was hearing on all these different albums.”

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