As everyone agrees, Metallica is one of the world’s most influential bands and they own millions of fans. At the same time, unfortunately, there is a lot of people who hate Metallica.

Speaking in an interview with Philly, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett talked about the metal fans who calling Metallica old and uninspired. He said:

“I realize when someone says as such that it is more about them, their perspective, their life, that they are projecting. [Laughs]

Maybe they can’t handle having aged 35 years. We do what we want to do – use our own instincts – and if it feels good, we hit it.

We’re not worried about someone outside of the room second guessing what we do. Just the four guys inside of that room matter.”

He also talked on their latest album “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct” as follows:

Each of us look for what is unthinkable, a sonic passage that comes to you out of nowhere. What that meant for me was embracing the truly unknown, relying on pure true spontaneity and not knowing what I was going to play until I played it.

That was liberating and tricky, walking into a studio without anything prepared.  It takes a certain degree of confidence in your musical ability [laughs] as well as trust in your bandmates, and they in me that I would come up with something tasty.

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