Metallica’s legendary guitarist and one of the most active members of the band on social media, Kirk Hammett, had a recent conversation on Twitter and recalled the funny moments he had in his first gig with ‘tallica.

As you might check out the video below, after Kirk wants to interact with the fans, some people from the audience takes his guitar, and it disappears all of a sudden. Fortunately, one of the crew members jumps into the crowd and manages to take it back.

A Metallica fan page named BookOfMetallica wrote this first:

“From Kirk Hammett’s first Metallica show, the crowd just stole his guitar for a minute. Good thing they managed to get it back! 😅”

Kirk Hammett saw this tweet and responded:

“Good times…”

A Metallica fan named Shaun Bristow commented:

“That’s clearly just a bunch of local guitar techs. I bet that guitar came back on stage playing way better right?

Pretty sure I saw one guy shim the nut, one guy put better pickups in and one guy sanded down the neck. They work fast I tell ya.”

You can check out these funny tweets and some reactions below.