One of the most legendary guitarists of all time, Metallica icon Kirk Hammett has posted a smiley photo of himself with the former guitarist, Pete Townshend via his official Twitter account.

Kirk Hammett seems very happy on that photo, and fans reacted to that controversial photo as James Hetfield is struggling with a serious alcohol addiction problem for a while.

In addition, this photo has been the first happy photo of Kirk Hammett after James Hetfield’s horrible addiction news.

Here’s what Kirk captioned:

“Who and happy !


A fan named Forest Pumpkins said that:

“Love you millions Kirk. Just saw s&m2 in the cinema with your biggest fan, my soon to be husband on Halloween.

Pass our love on to the rest of the band too please :’D hope James gets better soon and please heart this if you’ve read my words! Thank you legend Kirk!”

Another fan named Chaos commented:

“What a great picture of both of you! Thank you guys for the many years of wonderful music and talent!”

You can see the Tweet of Kirk below.