Metallica’s legendary guitarist, Kirk Hammett was the recent interview guest of the Rolling Stone’s “Musicians On Musicians” issue and revealed untold details about his career and the current status of the metal community.

He also shared the secret details about the Metallica’s early years and shared never-told-before truths.

Here is what he said to Rolling Stone:

“It’s really amazing that the four of us found each other. We managed to have certain things in common. We had disenfranchised upbringings and a lot of anger that’s just deep-rooted. But [also] a real kind of determination to turn that into something musical, exciting, and fun.

That’s what we all had in common. It was always just the four of us. And if everyone else wanted to join in on the party, fuck yeah.”

He continued:

“You can tap into that rage, and good things come out of that,” he said. “I was a city kid who moved to the suburbs. The culture shock drove me to be even more introverted, so it was good I had a guitar. I discovered that playing was a great way to calm myself down and relax.

I literally sat in my bedroom for three or four years and just played guitar, saying, ‘Fuck those suburban kids.’ I didn’t really mean that, but I was angry because of my environment. “

Kirk also shared the story of how he wrote the riffs of ‘Creeping Death.’

Here is what he said:

“I wrote the ‘Die! Die! Die!’ riff for ‘Creeping Death’ [off 1984’s ‘Ride The Lightning’] when I was 16 or 17 years old. I remember playing that in my bathroom, going, ‘This is different from a lot of the stuff I’ve been listening to.

Wow.’ You can share your music with the world, but deep down, you know that it’s really just yours. I entertain that notion a lot because I’m [still] an introvert. Just the other day, we played ‘Creeping Death’ and people were singing, ‘Die! Die! Die!’ Like, ‘Fuck, I’m still in my bedroom!'”

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