Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett spoke in an interview with Guitar Interactive and revealed the “personal relationship” he has with some of his guitars. He said:

“I feel like I have a personal relationship with my instruments. Over the course of my career, you will see guitars that have been in my hands for the last 30 years and it’s because I have a real solid relationship with them. They sound good, they do what I want, I get the best performance out of them consistently. I feel with certain guitars I can reach deeper inside my soul to bring out like whatever.

Just right off the top of my head: my Jackson V, my first Skull guitar, my Mummy guitar… There’s a couple of Ouija guitars… Just right off the bat, those are the guitars that I love so much. My black Les Paul, my Pushead Les Paul Junior – those two are in museums right now, I can’t play them but I think about them still quite a bit. My original black Gibson Flying V that I still have…

I have these relationships with these guitars, I start playing them and then just something happens and I just always want to play those guitars.

And then there are guitars that I have that are on tour, or in studio, that I’m attached to as well, as this one [Peter Green’s ’59 Les Paul]. The relationship I have with this guitar is kind of on the same par with the relationship everyone else has with this guitar. [Laughs] It’s an iconic guitar and it’s beautiful and it plays incredible and it has quite a story and I feel very fortunate to be able to add to the story of this guitar.”

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