Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett spoke in an interview before O2 London show and revealed how many guitars does he own. He said:

I think I own somewhere around 150, but I stopped counting a long time ago. A lot of those guitars are touring guitars that I use almost exclusively for certain songs on tour. And if those certain songs do not get played on tour then those guitars stay in the warehouse.

It’s safe to say I have at least 10 guitars that I haven’t used since the ‘St. Anger’ tour because we haven’t been playing those songs. And that’s kind of the case with a lot of the other albums too.

So I have like a whole stock of touring guitars. If I wanna play a song off ‘St. Anger’ we grab that guitar and we bring it with us on tour.

And then I have guitars that I keep close to me and I’m playing them all the time, my casual playing guitars that I just love a lot. That’s my core collection.

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