James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett have been playing music for over 30 years. This is definitely one of the secrets of Metallica’s success. What exactly is the secret of this?

Metallica’s guitarist Kirk Hammett explained the special bond between himself and other members of Metallica. He spoke in an interview with Faster Louder and said:

“We started this fairly young. I mean, I was 20 years old, Cliff was 20 years old, James was 19 years old, Lars was 19 years old, and at that point we’d already been playing music by ourselves for two or three years. So my theory on this is that we started a long time ago, when we were really, really young, and we’ve experienced so much stuff together, and we really are kindred souls: there’s something in all of us that I think we recognised on an unconscious level that bonded us together.

We’ve experienced so much, so many incredible things — incredibly great things, incredibly awful things — and we’re still standing… and what keeps on pushing us forward and further on down the road is each other. Just knowing that we’ve experienced so much and we have such a deep bond, playing music, experiencing life, growing up, becoming parents, going into middle age, we’ve done all else things together. Metallica is a job, it is a career, but it is also our lives.

And it’s so deep within us the thought of not doing what we’re doing is more of a jolt than just continuing to do what we do. What we do is what we know: it’s in us.  And every time we play music, it sounds like us… so why would we not get together and make music, it’s just what we do, it’s like living and breathing and walking and talking to us… playing in Metallica, playing shows, playing together, going out on the road, recording, it’s just something we’ve always done, and something we’ll always do, because we’re just set in the routine of Metallica… and sure it looks attractive to go do your own thing, but could it really be better than something we do together? I highly doubt it.

So knowing that, why would I even think of a life without Metallica? I know that now. I know I’m probably in the best position I could manoeuvre myself in to make music, so why would I change that?”

He also tells what was necessary to play the great guitar solos. He said:

It’s intensity. That’s one thing. If I can’t get a certain intensity, then it’s melody. If I can’t get a certain intensity and melody, then it’s catchiness… I don’t just want to play a flurry of notes that really don’t say anything or make a statement or anything… it’s just like, if you’re just going to play a flurry of notes, then why even bother, y’know?

But I mean, for me, it’s important that my personality comes through, that’s another thing that’s important to me as far as guitar solos are concerned. I want it to sound, I want it to have an element of what I’m feeling, an element of my being in the solo… and the only real person who can determine that is myself. So there you have it!”

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