Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett spoke in an interview with Polar Music and revealed why he plays “mostly rhythm” guitar during Metallica’s recent concerts. He said:

 “Well, when I said that statement, what I mean is a lot of times, over the course of the song, I’m just playing rhythm parts — chords or riffs — to supplement what’s going on under the vocals.

And then, when it’s time to get to the solo section or the lead section, that’s my moment to express myself and let it fly.

For me, the great thing to do is to just play spontaneously and not even think about it — just raw, unadultered emotion, unfiltered. From my very core, from my heart, from my soul, filtered through my brain, through my heart, out through my fingertips onto the neck of the guitar, out through the pickups for everyone else to see or hear.

For me, that’s super important, because I come from a generation of musicians that valued spontaneity and valued improvisation and never playing the same song the same way twice.”

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