Metallica produced a video clip for all the songs on their latest album “Hardwired … To Self Destruct”. It was an experiment that we never really seen before. Metallica fans were very happy about that.

Lead guitarist of Metallica, Kirk Hammett spoke in an interview by Andy Hall and explained the why they produced video clips for whole songs from the “Hardwired… To Self Destruct” album. He said:

“It really gives us an knee up on all the situations where a band puts out a new album and someone hears a track, a new track, and decides, ‘Oh, I’m gonna make a YouTube video around this track,‘ and then, all of a sudden that becomes the predominant YouTube video for that song.

That happens; that’s a pretty common thing that happens in the YouTube world, and we were aware of that. And so we wanted to take matters into our own hands and make sure that the video that we made for the song was the predominant video that everyone saw for that song, rather than someone else’s vision of the song itself.”

He also explained how much money the group spent on each of the video clips. He said:

It’s crazy how much cheaper it is to make videos these days. The ‘One’ video cost us a lot of money [in 1988] – six figures – we were just blown away by the cost. You couldn’t figure it out, why it would cost so much.

Jump to 2016, 2017, a typical video that we made for ‘Hardwired’ nowadays cost between 15 to 20 grand. It’s totally amazing how much cheaper it is.”

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