The iconic lead guitarist of Metallica, Kirk Hammett, posted a picture of the cover of the new Lamb of God album and shared his feelings about their recent work.

As you might remember, Lamb of God released their self-titled tenth studio album on June 19, 2020. The album was released soon after the band’s legendary drummer Chris Adler had been replaced by Art Cruz. A few years ago, Chris had a motorcycle accident that prevented him from touring with the band which eventually led his split from Lamb of God.

Recently, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett posted a photo of the new Lamb of God album cover on his Instagram account and shared what he thought about their recent songs. Apparently, Kirk has been a devoted fan of Lamb of God for a long time. Moreover, on the caption of his post, he wrote about his appreciation of the amazing work of the band in their recent album.

Here’s what Kirk Hammet stated on the caption of his post:

As a long time LAMB OF GOD fan, I just want to say that this album is SERIOUSLY GREAT !!! Lamb of God ‬⚡️💀🤘

You can see the photo Kirk shared on his official Instagram account below.