Metallica’s legendary Kirk Hammett shared a golden-worth material on his official Instagram account today and showed Guitar World Magazine’s cover issue that he took place with Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour.

As usual, this rare cover photo was taken by Metallica’s iconic photographer Ross Halfin for the 527th issue of the magazine.

While the post got almost 30K likes in a short time, Kirk forgot to tag his long-time buddy David Gilmour in the description area. After some of the users warned Kirk about the issue, he’s added Pink Floyd icon’s tag on the caption.

Here is what he wrote:

“It’s the guitar, not the guitar player 🖤🎸🖤 and this issue is out on the stands now! Plus, Cool cover shot by Ross Halfin. ⚡️ @Davidgilmour 🎸🤘

An Instagram user named Jasim commented on the post:

“Would’ve been nice if you tagged David Gilmour. I don’t know, just saying.”

Another David & Kirk fan named e_vampyre shared this:

“The legend of Greeny. There’s a horror screenplay in there somewhere. Greeny is actually a portal. 😈💀”

You can check out that rare post below.