Metallica members got into the problem many times with alcohol. They even called themselves “Alcoholica” for a while in the end of the 80’s.

Guitarist Kirk Hammett tells about the changes in his life after he quit alcohol and drinking. Speaking to Guitar World, Hammett said:

“I feel like I’ve just turned another corner, I’ve reconnected with my instrument in a way I never have before. I quit drinking, which changed things. On nights we had shows, I’d play the gig, go out afterward and get drunk, and then go back to my room and play for a couple hours. I still do that, but the big difference is I don’t drink anymore and I retain what I played the next day. These days I feel I can play anything that I really set my mind to, whether it’s Paganini or a jazz standard. It might take me a couple of weeks, but I can do it!”

You can find the entire interview in the Guitar World magazine. Metallica is on the cover this month. You can see below.