On a recent Instagram post, Metallica’s lead guitarist, Kirk Hammett, shared a backstage photo of himself and excited the fans about the new Metallica album.

As you might remember, Lars Ulrich spoke in the interview with Salesforce about two weeks ago and revealed that there is a high chance to make a new ‘Metallica Quarantine Record’ album if the quarantine time gets long enough.

The drummer of the band stated that they are keeping in touch with online chat and applications because of the coronavirus. Also, they are working hard to be more creative to be ready if they wanted to record a new album.

After one week from this conversation, Metallica released the 2020 acoustic version of ‘Blackened’ which was recorded from home studios of the band members. In this way, the band members proved that they are working hard to make music even with the self-quarantine days.

Following these events, the fans excited in the first place after seeing Kirk writing some notes on the paper in the backstage. It seems like he’s trying to keep safe his musical ideas for the next Metallica album.

However, this picture was from Metallica’s Zurich tour last year, and Kirk shared this throwback photo to show his longing to play for the audience.

Here is what Kirk Hammett wrote:

“A #MetallicaMemory… 🤘 I’m only making notes in Zurich…”

A fan named Julio added this comment:

“Don’t lose your phone again dude…”

Another fan named Liam said:

“Miss the music, looking forward to Metallica Monday. Stay safe and see you soon.”

You can check out the post below.