Crowbar vocalist Kirk Windstein expressed his ideas about former KISS lead guitarist Ace Frehley and the iconic songs he wrote for the band during his recent interview with Revolver’s Fan First.

Ace Frehley was one of KISS’ original members alongside Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, and Peter Criss. However, he had to leave the band in 1982 because of creative differences and his unwillingness to work on a concept album. Even though he reunited with the band in 1996, he decided to step out once again in 2002.

Therefore, Frehley’s influence on other musicians and mark on KISS’ works never changed even the years after his departure. As the person who chose ‘Black Diamond’ as one of the first songs he tried to play the riffs of, Kirk Windstein stated that he was a huge fan of KISS and especially Ace Frehley.

In his interview, Windstein added that he discovered the band at the age of 10 and defined Frehley as the best musician in KISS. He emphasized that the songs Frehley wrote, such as ‘Parasite,’ ‘Cold Gin,’ and ‘Strange Ways,’ were very impressive, and his self-titled solo album was so remarkable that he still listens to it.

Windstein said in his interview the following:

“It was KISS. I just discovered KISS in 1975, at the age of 10, and never looked back. That was it. Once I heard Ace Frehley play guitar, that was it. To me, as a straight-up musician, I think he was definitely the best musician in the band.

Although Paul and Gene write the majority of songs, and they’re both great songwriters, the songs that Ace did write are great songs. ‘Parasite,’ ‘Cold Gin’ and ‘Strange Ways’ are great. His first solo record, of course, was the biggest seller, and I still listen to all of that stuff all the time. I’m old school.”

You can check out the interview and songs below.