According to the recent reports of TMZ, one of the most famous guitarists of all time and former KISS member, Ace Frehley was allegedly had really bad behaviour against his estranged girlfriend, Rachael Gordon. 

Rachael Gordon, who has been in a relationship with Ace for 11 years, says that Ace Frehley had just returned from a business trip with a female and a male guard and broke into the house to get his guitar and records.

Rachael added that the female guard threatened her with physical violence. After this frightening incident in their home, Ace was ordered a temporary restraining order.

Frehley claims that the charges against him are unfounded and inaccurate, and after the testimonies of his witnesses, he demands that the restraining order’s being abolished.

Gordon also claims that Ace controls financial resources and asks for money to cover the costs of homes and vehicles. She also wants him to cover her legal fees.

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