Former KISS member Paul Daniel ‘Ace’ Frehley was recently interviewed by SiriusXM’s well-known host, Eddie Trunk and revealed an interesting truth about his former bandmates.

As you might read the conversation below, Ace Frehley claimed that Paul and Gene have separated their dressing rooms.

You can read the conversation below, transcribed by Alternative Nation.

Eddie Trunk asked this:

“Do you remember the first time you came to this hotel? The very first time?”

Ace Frehley responded:

“The first time was with Paul [Stanley], Gene [Simmons] and Peter [Criss]. We had just had our first album put out and we flew out here, was staying at the Ramada Inn – remember that had two levels?! We used to jump off the second level into the pool, you know we were kids. We were like 23, 24 years old. All for one, one for all – what happened?!”

Eddie Trunk said that:

“Now it’s all for two, none for two.”

Ace Frehley said that:

“I heard Paul and Gene have separate dressing rooms. What’s that all about? I love those guys though. You start something that big, ya know.”

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